Optional vacuum pump, the need to pay attention to(3)

6, has been pumping gas composition to understand.

With free gas can be steam condensate, with or without particles of dust, such as whether or not corrosion. Choice of vacuum pumps, the need to know the gas composition, was pumping gas for the pump selection. If the gas contains steam, particles and corrosive gases should be considered in the pump inlet tube on the road to install auxiliary equipment, such as condenser, collector and so on.

Optional vacuum pump, the need to pay attention to(2)

4, the correct combination of vacuum pumps.

As a result of selective extraction vacuum pump, which sometimes can not choose a pump to meet the exhaust requirements, the need to combine several pump each other to meet the ventilation requirements. Such as titanium sublimation pump to a high hydrogen pumping speed, but it can not pump helium, and the tri-polar type sputter ion pump, (or non-symmetrical diode cathode sputtering ion pump) to a certain degree of argon pumping speed, the two combined so that a vacuum device will get a better vacuum. In addition, some pumps can not work under atmospheric pressure, the need for pre-vacuum; some vacuum pressure lower than atmospheric pressure exports, the need to pre-pump, one-time capital needs to combine the use of pumps.

Optional vacuum pump, the need to pay attention to(1)

1, the work of vacuum pressure vacuum equipment should meet the limit of vacuum and pressure requirements.

Such as: vacuum coating requirements of 1 × 10-5mmHg vacuum, the choice of vacuum pumps at least 5 × 10-6mmHg. The vacuum pump is usually higher than the degree of vacuum equipment to vacuum half an order of magnitude.

Vacuum packaging machine use and maintenance procedures and the principle of(4)

(e), according to the packaging needs of the factory put on the corresponding date of the word plastic.  connected to power, will be locked open in the place "on" position. Hop on one of the vacuum chamber, vacuum pumps a little pressure to work, should pay attention to the direction of their operation. Vacuum that is being established, the reverse is not the establishment of a vacuum, we must immediately change to the correction.

Vacuum packaging machine use and maintenance procedures and the principle of(3)

(b), vacuum pump oil level to check whether the requirements. (Note: The vacuum pump oil level to keep the oil 1/2-3/4 elevation regularly filling the oil, the oil once a month of continuous work, such as the working environment too much water vapor or dust, it would take to shorten the duration of the oil with mechanical vacuum pump oil or oil instead of N68. the oil warm-up before the need to pump.

the environment need when the vacuum packaging machine working

3, back to gas: 2 Two-2DT pass solenoid valve, air into the vacuum chamber, vacuum gauge pointer back to zero, relying on the hot rack reset reset spring, vacuum chamber openings.

Vacuum packaging machine use and maintenance procedures and the principle of (1)

1, a vacuum: a vacuum chamber together cover, vacuum pumps work, the beginning of the vacuum chamber vacuum packaging bag vacuum at the same time, vacuum table pointer, reaching vacuum rated (by ISJ time relay control) vacuum pump to stop working, stop the vacuum. Work in a vacuum at the same time, solenoid valve 2 IDT links work, sealing a vacuum chamber, to maintain in situ hot-pressing plane.

Vacuum packaging machine's basic working principle

in a vacuum chamber under the pull-through vacuum or vacuum setting time, meet the requirement to continue its work after the vacuum pump to maintain the vacuum, when the control of heat seal the top of the solenoid valve of the balloon began to work, air, inflatable balloon inflated to seal the heat down to work closely with the seals fixed together, be the beginning of the work of heating, according to plastic heat sealing time needed to heat the requirements, then is deflated, the openings .

How to reduce pump failure rate and maintenance cost? (1)

When the vacuum pump to run in the cement; blasting; textiles; mine; ship; metallurgy; ceramics; fiber; dust and more dust particles and so great under harsh environmental conditions as a result of vacuum filtration accuracy can not lead to failure how do? How to reduce pump failure rate? How to reduce maintenance costs? All SICE oil bath air filters to help you solve

Making Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Safer and Vacuum Conveying Technology Safer and More Productive for 50 Years(2)

Static electric shock to our workers while vacuuming excess powder coating was a concern," says Miller, Vice President of Miller Welding and Iron Works, a custom job shop fabricator based in Washington, Illinois. We couldnt adequately sweep the fine powder residue from the floor, lights, booth walls, and components, and there were potential flammability issues with the powder and the electric shop vacuums we were using. With the shop vacuums, our productivity suffered too since we not only had to vacuum but also clean by hand using wet rags to prepare booths for the next powder coating job."


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