The Re-birth of Wet Pumps

Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum bucked the dry pump trend by designing an entirely new lineup of rotary vane pumps for the general R&D market.
Developed from the TRIVAC A and B series, the new TRIVAC NT dual-stage rotary vane vacuum pumps are optimized to offer an improved thermal profile, a lower noise level, and fewer compoments. The NT5, shown at left, provides a pumping speed in excess of 5 m3/hr. The NT10 and NT16 provide higher speed options. Image: Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum 

Only the Manufacturer's vacuum pump service can guarantee expert maintenance and repairs

No two service contracts are the same and a low quotation for the repair of a pump
should not be the only decisive argument for placing an order. Again and again, the
operators of pumps and systems find this a somewhat painful experience. A case

Hazardous waste rule changes impact firms

THE Hazardous Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2005 have been amended -effectively increasing the number of acr companies exempt from hazardous waste producer registration.

The key change is that all premises that produce hazardous waste are now exempt from hazardous waste producer registration, if no more than 500kg of hazardous waste is produced in a year.


How does a Turbo Pump Work

Resembling a jet engine, a turbo pump has a stack of rotors, each with multiple, angled blades which drive at very high tangential speed. Gas molecules, hit by the underside of the angled blades, move

Vacuum Pumps news

Vacuum is an integral part of many laboratory processes, but costs associated with generating a vacuum, such as process costs, user costs and cost to the environment, have never really been considered seriously. Although technology has advanced to provide smaller, cleaner and quieter options, not many people are taking advantage of it. “Vacuum pumps last a long time and many people go through their careers without actually buying one,” says Peter Coffey, vice president of sales and marketing at Vaccubrand Inc. “Hence, people tend to replace their vacuum pumps with what they have used before and not take the time to find out about the alternatives.”


How to calculate vacuum pump speed

Pumping Speed
  Of the numbers used to characterize a vacuum system, pumping speed is the most fundamental. Unfortunately, it is a common mistake to accept the pump manufacturer's quoted pumping speed as if it were the effective pumping speed from the chamber.

Vacuum Technology

Vacuum Technology  (high vacuum pumps - systems) is the term applied to all processes and physical measurement carried out under conditions of below-normal atmospheric pressure.

What is vacuum?

Vacuum [Latin word "empty"] is well defined in several documents. According to the definition of the American Vacuum Society (1958) the term "vacuum" refers to a given space filled with gas at pressures below atmospheric, i.e. having a density of molecules less than about 2.5x1019 molecules/cm3. In other word, a vacuum is the state of a gas where the density of the particles is lower than atmospheric pressure at the earth's surface. In general the term "vacuum" includes nowadays about 19 orders of magnitude of pressures (or densities) below that corresponding to the standard atmosphere. 

Vacuum Science: A User's Guide to Vacuum Technology

A vacuum system typically consists of one or more pumps which are connected to a chamber. The former produces the vacuum, the latter contains whatever apparatus requires the use of the vacuum. In between the two may be various combinations of tubing, fittings and valves...


High Vacuum technology

What is a vacuum pump?

To create a high vacuum in a system it is necessary to move all of the molecules of gas out of the system. The molecules will move only if there is a pressure difference between the two regions of the space (see Figure 4). The low pressure region is the space with the smaller number of molecules, while the high pressure region is the space with the larger number of molecules. 


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