Edwards Introduces iXL 500 Dry Vacuum Pump For Solar Cell Manufacturing(2)

Edwards, a supplier of vacuum pump and ab ent equipment and services, has introduced its new iXL line of dry vacuum pumps. The first member of the family, the iXL 500, is designed primarily for load-lock applications in solar cell manufacturing.

The iXL 500, which measures only 1,186 mm x 517 mm x 966 mm, offers a pumping speed of 1,800 m3 h-1 while consuming only 7 kW of power. Its low-intertia booster shortens load-lock evacuation times with faster, more efficient pumping at higher inlet pressures, the company says. The system's design uses oil lubrication and eliminates the shaft seal by enclosing the motor within the vacuum.

For multiple iXL 500 pumps on a single chamber, Edwards offers multi-pump systemization - a pre-configured system with integrated power distribution, control and EMS. The iXL 500 also features intelligent monitoring and is fully compatible with the FabWorks network system.


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