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Since 1965, I have been involved with the vacuum industry from building, designing, manufacturing, repairing, servicing, and selling vacuum equipment and vacuum fluids. In 2000, I decided to provide a service for my customers only. GSVAC Services does not represent any particular vacuum pump manufacturer. I'm free to locate the repair service, used rebuilt pumps, blowers, filter elements, and vacuum pump oils that you require.
I have been blind for 20 years. Fortunately for me, basic vacuum equipment has not changed drastically. Modern technology has made it possible for me to continue offering a service to you. Each month I write a news letter to remind you of our service and of some vacuum equipment that is available that month. Some vendors have a large inventory. Some have recently purchased vacuum pumps and want to sell them ASAP. My customers often wish to sell their vacuum equipment. The intent of my news letter is to keep you informed.
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