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I use a screen reader program called JAWS. JAWS reads & speaks what is on the monitor. Graphically I am at a loss, but this is not a problem. I know what vacuum pumps look like. I will often ask the vendor to forward a picture to the customer. These computers are a wonderful life line from me to you. I keep updating my programs. Now I can offer a 24-7 computerized service. Any time of the day or night you can e-mail me for a pump, etc. I email my Associates (vendors) through out the country. I receive replies as soon as they start work. Inside of 24 hours we will get you a price and a ship date. GSVAC will provide this service, free to you .
On the following pages you will find some of the NEW, REBUILT AND USED vacuum equipment that is located around the country. Please read about the methods used in Rebuilding your DIFFUSION PUMPS, MECHANICAL PUMPS and VACUUM BLOWERS. Check with GSVAC for an HONEST, TECHNICAL REBUILDER nearest your facility.
A must read; " From Crude to vacuum pump fluid."
Just remember that I will gladly answer questions, look for equipment or to help you anyway I can. Email or call me, I do not charge for this service. I enjoy helping if I can. So call, fax or e-mail me. Your only cost is a phone call.
Do you need a vacuum technician or trouble shooter?


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