GREAT WALL INDUSTRY HOLDING LIMITED Located "vacuum pump city" Wenling Zhejiang province.Our Company specializing in Rotary vane vacuum pumps for the making,sale and after-sales service.This is a international trade company that consists of hongbaoshi and other professional manufacturer.There are rotary vane vacuum pump series'xz rotary vane vacuum pump series'xd Rotary vane vacuum pumps series etc.From accessories production to motors,capacitors,cover design,it come into being one-stop service system,Rotary vane vacuum pumps with a variety of inspection equipment,in noise,evacuation with excellent quality. We are equipped with a dedicated after-sales person,sales personl, technical person.We made enormous contributions for vacuum refrigeration,printing machinery,tea packaging machinery,air conditioning, automotive repair,gas leak detection,photo-offset,and other industry.
Through the various step of quality control and perfect after-sales service and timely delivery have won praise at home and abroad and obtained cooperation opportunities.
Welcome customers to negotiate from all over the world.Meanwhile hoping you can provide us with valuable advice or suggestion.

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